Options(self, **kwargs)

Ibis configuration options.


Name Type Description
interactive bool Show the first few rows of computing an expression when in a repl.
repr Repr Options controlling expression printing.
verbose bool Run in verbose mode if True
verbose_log Callable[[str], None] | None A callable to use when logging.
graphviz_repr bool Render expressions as GraphViz PNGs when running in a Jupyter notebook.
default_backend Optional[ibis.backends.BaseBackend] The default backend to use for execution, defaults to DuckDB if not set.
sql SQL SQL-related options.
clickhouse Config | None Clickhouse specific options.
dask Config | None Dask specific options.
impala Config | None Impala specific options.
pandas Config | None Pandas specific options.
pyspark Config | None PySpark specific options.
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