Versioning policy

Ibis follows a Semantic Versioning scheme (MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH, like 6.1.0).

  • An increase in the MAJOR version number will happen when a release contains breaking changes in the public API. This includes anything documented in the reference documentation, excluding any features explicitly marked as “experimental”. Features not part of the public API (e.g. anything in ibis.expr.operations may make breaking changes at any time).

  • An increase in the MINOR or PATCH version number indicate changes to public APIs that should remain compatible with previous Ibis versions with the same MAJOR version number.

Supported Python versions

Ibis follows NEP29 with respect to supported Python versions.

This has been in-place since Ibis version 3.0.0.

The support table shows the schedule for dropping support for Python versions.

The next major release of Ibis that occurs on or after the NEP29 drop date removes support for the specified Python version.

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