Who supports Ibis?

Ibis is an open-source project that welcomes contributions from anyone! We have a growing community of users and contributors, and we’d love to have you join us. If you’re interested in contributing, please see our contributing guide.

Voltron Data

Voltron Data is the primary sponsor of Ibis, with most of the core development team employed there. This includes nine full-time developers, one technical product manager, and other staff who contribute to Ibis.

Why does Voltron Data support Ibis?

Other companies

Ibis is used by many other companies, with various tools built on top of it. Some include:

Ibis is also contributed to by other companies. You can look through the full list of contributors on GitHub.


Ibis was originally created by Wes McKinney. Wes created pandas, co-created Apache Arrrow, and co-founded Voltron Data (among other things). Ibis was initially a pandas-like dataframe library for Apache Impala, but has since grown to support many other backends and mature under the stewardship of Phillip Cloud and others on the Ibis team.

The Ibis project is part of a broader composable data ecosystem envisioned by Wes, Voltron Data, and others to solve problems seen throughout the space that are compounding as data volume and AI complexity increase. Some good background material on the composable data ecosystem and Ibis can be found at:

Support for production workloads

Voltron Data is committed to the success of Ibis, and it’s already in production across numerous enterprises. The API is stable and while there are breaking changes across major versions, we do our best to minimize them and provide easy migration.

Voltron Data offers commercial support for Ibis if you’re interested. Otherwise, interacting through the open-source project channels (GitHub and Zulip) is the best way to get help.

Next steps

If you’re interested, get started with Ibis!

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