Expression API

APIs for manipulating table, column and scalar expressions

Table expressions Tables are one of the core data structures in Ibis.
Generic expressions Scalars and columns of any element type.
Numeric and Boolean expressions Integer, floating point, decimal, and boolean expressions.
String expressions All string operations are valid for both scalars and columns.
Temporal expressions Dates, times, timestamps and intervals.
Collection expressions Arrays, maps and structs.
Geospatial expressions Points, Polygons, LineStrings, and other geospatial types.
Operations Low level operation classes. Subject to change in non-major releases.
Column selectors Choose Table columns based on dtype, regex, and other criteria

Type System

Data types and schemas

Data types Scalar and column data types
Schemas Table Schemas

Connection APIs

Top-level connection APIs Create and manage backend connections.


User-defined function APIs

Scalar UDFs Scalar user-defined function APIs
Aggregate UDFs (experimental) Aggregate user-defined function APIs


Ibis configuration

Interactive Options controlling the interactive repr.
Options Ibis configuration options.
Repr Expression printing options.
SQL SQL-related options.


Ibis Backend Developer Documentation

BackendTest The base class for managing configuration and data loading for a backend
ServiceBackendTest Parent class to use for backend test configuration if backend requires a
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