Building scalable data pipelines with Kedro

data engineering



January 31, 2024


Kedro is a toolbox for production-ready data science. It is an open-source Python framework like Ibis, and together you can bring the portability and scale of Ibis to the production-ready pipelines of Kedro.

In your Kedro data journey, have you ever…

…slurped up large amounts of data into memory, instead of pushing execution down to the source database/engine?

…prototyped a node in pandas, and then rewritten it in PySpark/Snowpark/some other native dataframe API?

…implemented a proof-of-concept solution in 3-4 months on data extracts, and then struggled massively when you needed to move to running against the production databases and scale out? …

If so, read the full article on the Kedro blog!

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