ImpalaTable.insert(obj=None, overwrite=False, partition=None, values=None, validate=True)

Insert into Impala table. Wraps ImpalaClient.insert

  • obj (TableExpr or pandas DataFrame) –

  • overwrite (boolean, default False) – If True, will replace existing contents of table

  • partition (list or dict, optional) – For partitioned tables, indicate the partition that’s being inserted into, either with an ordered list of partition keys or a dict of partition field name to value. For example for the partition (year=2007, month=7), this can be either (2007, 7) or {‘year’: 2007, ‘month’: 7}.

  • validate (boolean, default True) – If True, do more rigorous validation that schema of table being inserted is compatible with the existing table


>>> t.insert(table_expr)  

# Completely overwrite contents >>> t.insert(table_expr, overwrite=True) # doctest: +SKIP