Install dependencies for Ibis’s Clickhouse dialect(minimal supported version is 0.1.3):

pip install 'ibis-framework[clickhouse]'

Create a client by passing in database connection parameters such as host, port, database, and user to ibis.clickhouse.connect():

con = ibis.clickhouse.connect(host='clickhouse', port=9000)


The ClickHouse client is accessible through the ibis.clickhouse namespace.

Use ibis.clickhouse.connect to create a client.

Backend.connect([host, port, database, ...])

Create an ClickhouseClient for use with Ibis.


Close Clickhouse connection and drop any temporary objects

Backend.exists_table(name[, database])

Return whether a table name exists in the database.


Return whether a database name exists in the current connection.

Backend.get_schema(table_name[, database])

Return a Schema object for the indicated table and database


List existing databases in the current connection.

Backend.list_tables([like, database])

Return the list of table names in the current database.