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Working with the Backend Test Suite

Before you start

This section assumes you have a working development environment.

You may be able to skip this section

If you haven't made changes to the core of ibis (e.g., ibis/expr) or any specific backends (ibis/backends) this material isn't necessary to follow to make a pull request.


One the primary challenges when developing against the ibis codebase is testing backends that require non-trivial setup.

Moreover, many of the backends that ibis works with have very different deployment deployment models:

  • In-process systems like SQLite
  • Client-server systems like PostgreSQL and MySQL
  • Systems that run the gamut of deployment models like ClickHouse
  • Systems that run on-premises, like Impala

This section of the docs is describes how to work with the backend test suite.

Backend Testing with Compose

Here is the list of backends that can be tested using docker-compose.

Backend Docker Compose Services
ClickHouse clickhouse
PostgreSQL postgres
impala impala, kudu
mysql mysql

Testing a Compose Service

Check your current directory

Make sure you're inside of your clone of the ibis GitHub repository

Let's fire up a PostgreSQL server and run tests against it.

Start the postgres Service

Open a new shell and run

docker-compose up --build postgres

Test the connection in the original shell using

export PGPASSWORD=postgres
psql -t -A -h localhost -U postgres -d ibis_testing -c "select 'success'"

You should see this output:


PostgreSQL doesn't start up instantly

It takes a few seconds for postgres to start, so if the previous command fails wait a few seconds and try again

Congrats, you now have a PostgreSQL server running and are ready to run tests!

Download Data

The backend needs to be populated with test data. The data will be loaded automatically, when the test is run, but it needs to be downloaded first.

To download the data run

just download-data

Run the test suite

You're now ready to run the test suite for the postgres backend:

pytest -m postgres

Please file an issue if the test suite fails for any reason.

Last update: June 12, 2022