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Install ibis and dependencies for the PostgreSQL backend:

pip install 'ibis-framework[postgres]'
conda install -c conda-forge ibis-postgres
mamba install -c conda-forge ibis-postgres



Create a client by passing in a SQLAlchemy-style URI to ibis.postgres.connect.

See ibis.backends.postgres.Backend.do_connect for connection parameter information.

ibis.postgres.connect is a thin wrapper around ibis.backends.postgres.Backend.do_connect.

Connection Parameters

do_connect(self, host='localhost', user=None, password=None, port=5432, database=None, url=None, driver='psycopg2')

Create an Ibis client connected to PostgreSQL database.


host Hostname user Username password Password port Port number database Database to connect to url SQLAlchemy connection string.

If passed, the other connection arguments are ignored.

driver Database driver


import os import getpass import ibis host = os.environ.get('IBIS_TEST_POSTGRES_HOST', 'localhost') user = os.environ.get('IBIS_TEST_POSTGRES_USER', getpass.getuser()) password = os.environ.get('IBIS_TEST_POSTGRES_PASSWORD') database = os.environ.get('IBIS_TEST_POSTGRES_DATABASE', ... 'ibis_testing') con = connect( ... database=database, ... host=host, ... user=user, ... password=password ... ) con.list_tables() # doctest: +ELLIPSIS [...] t = con.table('functional_alltypes') t PostgreSQLTable[table] name: functional_alltypes schema: index : int64 Unnamed: 0 : int64 id : int32 bool_col : boolean tinyint_col : int16 smallint_col : int16 int_col : int32 bigint_col : int64 float_col : float32 double_col : float64 date_string_col : string string_col : string timestamp_col : timestamp year : int32 month : int32

Backend API

Backend (BaseAlchemyBackend)


list_databases(self, like=None)

List databases in the current server.

list_schemas(self, like=None)

List all the schemas in the current database.

DEPRECATED: list_schemas is deprecated as of v2.0; use list_databases

udf(self, pyfunc, in_types, out_type, schema=None, replace=False, name=None, language='plpythonu')

Decorator that defines a PL/Python UDF in-database.


pyfunc Python function in_types Input types out_type Output type schema The postgres schema in which to define the UDF replace replace UDF in database if already exists name name for the UDF to be defined in database language Language extension to use for PL/Python


Callable A callable ibis expression

Function that takes in Column arguments and returns an instance inheriting from PostgresUDFNode

Last update: March 1, 2022