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Configuration Options



ContextAdjustment (BaseModel) pydantic-model

Options related to time context adjustment.

time_col: str pydantic-field

Name of the timestamp col for execution with a timecontext See ibis.expr.timecontext for details.

Options (BaseSettings) pydantic-model

Ibis configuration options.

context_adjustment: ContextAdjustment pydantic-field

Options related to time context adjustment.

default_backend: Any pydantic-field

The default backend to use for execution.

graphviz_repr: bool pydantic-field

Render expressions as GraphViz PNGs when running in a Jupyter notebook.

interactive: bool pydantic-field

Show the first few rows of computing an expression when in a repl.

repr: Repr pydantic-field

Options controlling expression printing.

sql: SQL pydantic-field

SQL-related options.

verbose: bool pydantic-field

Run in verbose mode if True

verbose_log: Callable[[str], NoneType] pydantic-field

A callable to use when logging.

Repr (BaseModel) pydantic-model

Options controlling expression printing.

depth: int pydantic-field

The maximum number of expression nodes to print when repring.

query_text_length: int pydantic-field

The maximum number of characters to show in the query field repr of SQLQueryResult operations.

show_types: bool pydantic-field

Show the inferred type of value expressions in the repr.

table_columns: int pydantic-field

The number of columns to show in leaf table expressions.

SQL (BaseModel) pydantic-model

SQL-related options.

default_limit: int pydantic-field

Number of rows to be retrieved for a table expression without an explicit limit. None means no limit.

Last update: March 22, 2022