Install dependencies for Ibis’s SQLite dialect:

pip install ibis-framework[sqlite]

Create a client by passing a path to a SQLite database to ibis.sqlite.connect():

>>> import ibis
>>> ibis.sqlite.connect('path/to/my/sqlite.db')

See http://blog.ibis-project.org/sqlite-crunchbase-quickstart/ for a quickstart using SQLite.


The SQLite client is accessible through the ibis.sqlite namespace.

Use ibis.sqlite.connect to create a SQLite client.

connect([path, create])

Create an Ibis client connected to a SQLite database.

SQLiteClient.attach(name, path[, create])

Connect another SQLite database file


Create a database object.

SQLiteClient.list_tables([like, database, …])

List tables/views in the current or indicated database.

SQLiteClient.table(name[, database])

Create a table expression that references a particular table in the SQLite database